Happy 2 Days After Halloween! How did your pumpkin taste?

This Halloween I have restrained myself from going the extra mile and dressing up. No crazy costumes of years gone by with raggity beards or long tangled hair to make some last minute version of Ché Guevera appear at a hipster house party in East London. No, this time around I’ve focused more on the pumpkin and less on the inevitable drunken search for a way home at 4am.

That focus on the pumpkin has led me to some pretty interesting findings online. In fact, this week it has been reported that in the UK alone, 18,000 tons of the yummy orange stuff gets thrown away each year! So it got me to thinking that maybe instead of simply carving a pumpkin and wasting the pumpkin seeds and meat down the drain, maybe we could use them to


actually eat. What a novel concept! So, with that in mind, here are some recipes to use that wonderfully delicious pumpkin to create incredibly tasty, nutritious meals all year round:

And, if all else fails you can always feed your face with pumpkins and give your skin a glow that’ll keep you radiating all winter long. Enjoy!

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