Chorizo, Emmental and egg buckwheat galette (crêpe) at 3am

Saturday night’s gonna be alright…and it was! Until about 2:30am-ish when the mix of 4 different countries’ beers, a couple cancer sticks and some sheesha combined to create the munchies. In most countries, that shouldn’t be too big of a problem as there is usually someone willing to sell you something digestible at 3am on a Sunday morning. There’s a reason though that Paris has rightfully earned the title of “The City That Sleeps”. In fact, they make cloth handbags that even brag about it by proclaiming to the world: “Please keep quiet, Paris is sleeping.”

If you’ve reached this paragraph, thanks for continuing to read into my very 1st post! As a reward, here is the secret to eating when no one will take your money to feed you…

1) Turn on element full blast

2) Place galette (thankfully bought earlier in the day) in pan on element

3) Place 6 slices of chorizo, heaps and heaps of cheese, and a dash of love

4) Fold your galette into the appropriate cone shape

5) Crack egg open on galette (i know this is not where the egg should go but the final result looks so much cooler)

6) Turn off the element so you don’t wake up to fire alarms and smoke covered furniture and clothes (yes, i speak from experience…spaghetti at 4am always seems like a great idea; it’s not)

7) Enjoy!